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temporary tattoo


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About Airbrush Tattoos:

1. Q: How long does the airbrush tattoo paint last on skin?
A: Depending on the individual skin type and how well the skin has been prepared the life of the tattoo is varied and can last from 5 to 7 days. They last longer on dry skin compared to sweaty or oily skin.
2. Q. How long do the stencils last?
A: The stencils are re-usable and can be used many times. They are a quality leader in the market for their adhesion qualities. You can ensure a return that far outweighs the cost.
3. Q: Is the ink safe?
A: It is absolutely safe ,non-allergenic, and organic. Our ink has been inspected by Sanitation Inspection Center.
4. Q: How long does it take to paint a design ?
A: It just takes 1 or 2 minutes . It is so easy to operate the whole process of painting.
5.Q: How much training do you provide?
A: We will provide the required training to get started. If you have an employee who can point, we can teach them to do this.
6.Q: If we have questions after purchase, can we consult with you?
A: Absolutely. Consultation is free. Our success depends upon your success. We want to earn your reorders, referrals, and endorsement. And we do understand that these are earned before they are given.

About the Spraying Skill:

1. Q: Why doesn't the ink come out of the airbrush?
A: There are a couple of ways to unblock it. firstly check if tiny hole in fluid container cap is blocked. Try to clean it when using temporary tattoo inks. After unscrewing the aircap with a clean cloth , gently clean the tip of the needle .you can usually see paint build up here also
2. Q: Sometimes the ink's color is too light when making an airbrush tattoo. How to solve this problem?
A: Before using the ink, you'd better shake the bottle.

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