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temporary tattoo


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The Steps of Airbrush Nail

airbrush nail 1
airbrush nail 2
Step1:Spray rose color on the whole nail,and the spray blue on the left upside and purple on the right downside.
Step2:Spray the branch with black color. The thickness of color should vary with different part of the branch and this will make the whole design look real.
airbrush nail 3
airbrush nail 4
Step3:Spray the flower petal one by one with rose color
Step4:Spray the second flower with blue color.
airbrush nail 5
airbrush nail 6
Step5: Spray white color on the petals beginning from the flower centre to the edges with the thickness growing gradually
Step6:Spray yellow coloron the flower center.
airbrush nail 7
airbrush nail 8
Step7:Follow the steps 5 and 6 to make the second flower with different colors.
Step8:Spray some leaves and other decorations around the flowers.
airbrush nail 9
airbrush nail 10
Step9:Add some glitter dots.
Step10: Brush some nail polish thoroughly and evenly on the whole nail surface.

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