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temporary tattoo


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The Steps of Airbrushing Multi Colors Tattoo
1.Clean the skin with rubbing alcohol before application. 2.After the alcohol dries, stick well the stencil on the skin and make sure there is no space between the design part and the skin.
3.Spray on the whole tiger design with black color and then peel off the stencil. 4.Spray light black shadow on the tiger head outline. Spray red color on the forehead, eyes and tongue. Pay attention to the color thickness, evenness and transition. (Note: on the highlight parts like the cheekbone, the face and the chin, do not spray much color)
5.Spray yellow color on the other parts. Spray white color around the eye and the on the cheeks which improved the color contrast. (Note: The brightness of highlight parts can be improved by applying white color.) 6.Spray little blue color on the edge of the tiger head for decoration.
7.Clean off the unnecessary color sprayed on the skin and then spray the finalized ink.

8.The works finished after applying the setting powder.

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